We’ve all seen examples of food emblazoned on menus, restaurant windows and on billboards; their job is to entice customers and make them salivate all the way home with one thing on their mind – food. There’s a reliance on this photography to capture the essence of your food, the way it will taste and the atmosphere your food creates. If you’re searching for the chance to have beautiful photographs of your most admired dishes and upcoming plates, then see what Chef Photography can do to help.
Food photography has grown in popularity with the times as more and more restaurants and food establishments look to show off their dishes in the best light. Providing food photography in New Zealand, you can trust Chef Photography to get the most ideal results. A photoshoot with Derek, a professional food and drink photographer, will bring to life your dishes, plates, cocktails and more with ease.
Having worked as a chef for over 25 years in London, England, Derek has turned his attention to creating stunning food photography that can enlighten your menu, your website, your advertising and your posters. You’ll have the opportunity to create and shape the dishes and help show off the best parts of your food.
For the most amazing food photography in NZ for your restaurant, canteen or café, choose Chef Photography. To find out more about Derek and discover more about his previous work, speak to him today.
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